‘GTA: The Trilogy’ has been temporarily pulled from the PlayStation Store

Some players were getting access over 24 hours early

Grand Theft Auto: The Trilogy has been briefly pulled from the PlayStation Store, after the store was inadvertently giving some players early access.

As spotted by VGC, GTA: The Trilogy has been briefly removed from the PlayStation Store, ahead of the title’s launch later today (November 11).

The game has been removed because players who had pre-ordered GTA: The Trilogy digitally were able to play the game as soon as it turned midnight in their local timezone. Depending on where these players were located, it meant that they were getting to play the game over 24 hours before the official release.


Although it’s currently unavailable to purchase on the PlayStation store, the removal is temporary and GTA: The Trilogy will almost certainly return to the storefront for launch later today.

GTA: The Trilogy is set to launch at 3PM GMT / 4PM CET / 7AM PT for all platforms on November 11.

Ahead of the trilogy’s launch, Rockstar has remastered the internet’s favourite “ah shit, here we go again” gif as well as a host of other scenes from GTA: The Trilogy. The beloved scene isn’t the only thing that will look better, as Nvidia confirmed that GTA: The Trilogy will launch with DLSS (deep learning super sampling).

Unfortunately, not everything from the original games will be returning. After Rockstar Games confirmed all the songs that will be featured in the remastered games, it was noticed that lots of songs from each game’s iconic soundtracks would not be returning – here’s a full list of songs missing from GTA: The Trilogy.


In other news, Final Fantasy 14: Endwalker will reset mid-level progress when it arrives, potentially wiping away millions of exp for higher-level players. To avoid losing out, it’s recommended that players grind out any remaining exp needed for a level up before launch.

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