‘Halo Infinite’ campaign under “massive strain” according to dev

"The team has been pushing not just delays to Forge and Co-op, but Campaign in general"

A supposed 343 Industries developer has spoken out on Halo Infinite‘s lack of co-op and Forge at launch, saying that the campaign is under a “massive strain”.

It was recently confirmed that Halo Infinite would not be receiving campaign co-op mode at launch and would instead be arriving with Season 2, while Forge is planned for Season 3. Fans online were unhappy with the news which then resulted in a new Reddit post from a person claiming to be a 343 Industries developer.

In the Reddit post from ‘Quiet_Content’, who claims to have worked at the studio for “the better part of 2 years” on Campaign components, they explain in great length the current situation at the studio.


“A lot of people are frustrated with the announcement, so I thought I’d shed some light on it because we are insanely frustrated internally too,” the dev said. “Not because the delay happened – not at all, but because we wanted to tell you earlier.

“The team has been pushing not just delays to Forge and Co-op, but Campaign in general. I can see Multiplayer making release date in a great state, with basically all of the main modes plus a couple grab bag goodies, including some original stuff we’re cooking up – a different variant of Infection with original resources and a severely updated Invasion mode with new maps. However, Campaign is under some MASSIVE strain.”

The dev went on to explain that the Campaign component has been “aggressively course-corrected” since the departure of director Chris Lee in April.

Halo Infinite. Credit: Microsoft

“Campaign had a lot of cut content and needed massive reworks to WORK after we switched hard off Chris and took in Joseph’s [Staten] direction for the game, but it mostly uses assets and work we had in 2020, just shuffled around,” they said.

On the topic of Forge, the alleged 343 dev said that it’s “just untenable” and “Microsoft always knew it wouldn’t be ready for [the] release date, if ever, and I doubt it’ll come in six months either”.


“The reality is, Forge isn’t just a cute map editor anymore, not after 5, and we can’t release anything that isn’t up to snuff to the quality of that game’s Forge, which took more effort than anyone realises,” they continued. “Infinite‘s Forge will have not only every feature 5’s had, but a lot of extra resources based on past games and custom game functionality” – noting that “team is overworked, pushed hard and tired”.

As for Co-op in Halo Infinite‘s Campaign, the developer explained that the problem is simpler than fans realize saying “to put it bluntly, nobody thought of how it’d work” especially with the open-world system.

The Reddit post went on further with the anonymous dev claiming various other problems with the game and that Campaign Co-op “is a mess and downright unplayable” and saying that delaying the Campaign altogether was “severely considered” with only Multiplayer at launch.

It’s important to note that it’s unclear whether or not this person is a genuine 343 Industries employee, so their claims may be false.

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