‘Halo Infinite’ to have no multiplayer ranking system outside battle pass

Although the devs have said they "look forward to continuing to evolve the experience in future seasons post-launch"

Developer 343 Industries has confirmed that Halo Infinite will not have a dedicated multiplayer ranking system outside of its battle pass.

This decision means that owning the battle pass will be the only way to rank in Halo Infinite as of launch-day, and even this will not rely solely on a traditional XP ranking. 343 Industries has already outlined its plans for the new system.

Revealed in an Inside Infinite blog post, Halo Infinite will focus on challenge completion and participation instead of XP building when deciding how players rank.


Halo Infinite Credit: Microsoft

“Using challenges, our goal is that you will always be earning progress in your Battle Pass through playing and winning matches,” said head of design Jerry Hook in the post. “This will allow you to always jump into a game of Halo and make progress on your goals.”

However, the system does not yet appear set in stone for post-launch updates, the rules of which 343 says it is very much “actively exploring”.

“We have heard community feedback around wanting more progression options including things like “match XP” to feed into the Battle Pass and an entirely separate, incremental system along the lines of earning SR152 in Halo 5: Guardians, 343 Industries said in the recent blog post.

“Expanding Multiplayer progression offerings is something the team is actively exploring, and we look forward to continuing to evolve the experience in future seasons post-launch.


Halo Infinite will host two back-to-back test weekends between September and October to put these evolving multiplayer matches through their paces. The first starts on September 23 and the second starts on September 30, with the former offering 4v4 arena matches and the latter offering Big Team Battle.

Both sets of sessions will also be at specific times, and not available for the whole of each weekend.

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