‘Ready Or Not’ releases “biggest content update” yet

The latest patch includes over 500 fixes and comes with a snazzy trailer

Void Interactive has announced a huge update for Ready Or Not, featuring over 500 fixes, which is now live.

Announcing the news on Steam, Void wrote: “Since the release of the Supporter branch, the Dev team has pushed over 500 internal fixes with all of the feedback we received from the Supporter Edition owners to bring the cleaned-up version of the update to everyone! With that being said, we here at Void Interactive are very excited to ship out the latest build of Ready Or Not for all players.

“To celebrate, we’ve also prepared a beautiful trailer showing off the tweaks to Barisa Cove, some beautiful shots of NEON, and even a special guest at the very end that some of you that are well versed in the tactical shooter genre may recognise,” continued the post. At the end of the trailer, the voice actor for Escape From Tarkov’s USEC_3 can be heard giving orders.


Check it out below:

Announcing the update last month, it was confirmed it will add the ability for suspects to hide in closets and under beds. They will also be more likely to take cover during firefights with players, rather than stand out in the open to take fire.

Beyond changes to suspect behaviour, there are also new weapons for players to equip. This includes the B1303 shotgun, as well as several new submachine guns – the MP9, MP5A3, and MP5/10MM.

Earlier this month, Ready Or Not disappeared from Steam with fans speculating it was because of the similarities between their recently released nightclub level and real world events, however Void later confirmed it was due a “suggested trademark infringement.”


The following day, the game returned to the platform.

Last year, Void Interactive announced a split with publisher Team17 regarding Ready Or Not, days after it was announced that the game would have a school shooting level included.

In other news, Striking Distance Studios founder and CEO Glen Schofield has spoken about how Dead Space spiritual successor The Callisto Protocol will be even more intense than that title.