‘Splitgate’ developer says Switch port is “absolutely part of the vision”

“We want to be available on mobile, Switch, I mean - everything”

Splitgate developer 1047 Games has said that a Nintendo Switch port of the game is “part of the vision” although they haven’t yet started development.

During a developer Q&A session on Twitch, 1047 Games’ CEO Ian Proulx said that they hadn’t yet started development on a Switch port but that it is “absolutely part of the vision” and that part of that vision is to get Splitgate “available on everything”.

“We want to be available on mobile, Switch, I mean – everything,” he continued, although when asked about support for Splitgate on Mac, he replied that it was “not on the top of our priorities”.


After these initial comments, Proulx rescinded some of his enthusiasm when pressed on specific points, saying mobile cross-play would take a lot of work and would “maybe” happen.

Splitgate has already garnered enough popularity before launch to appear on Steam’s most-played lists despite a delay in development that pushed the launch back. The Halostyle shooter with Portal mechanics also struggled with queue times due to the influx of players during the beta.

Since then, fixes have been implemented which vastly improved the server wait times with “huge capacity and stability improvements” resulting in an estimated queue time of around five minutes compared to the 90 minutes previously required.

The studio was previously planning to launch Splitgate in August, but has now delayed that full 1.0 release, although you can play the beta right now.

The game is available in beta on PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S and PC via Steam. It is cross-play and cross-gen, and will come to all these platforms with all these features with the launch of version 1.0.

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