Coldplay to launch ‘Everyday Life’ with two live-streamed gigs in Jordan

"It has always felt like the perfect place for these two special shows"

Coldplay have announced that they are launching ‘Everyday Life’ with two performances in Jordan, where they’ll play the record in full.

Last month, the band confirmed that they’ll release the double album on November 22 – split into two halves called ‘Sunrise’ and ‘Sunset’ respectively.

It was accompanied by the release of ‘Orphans’ and ‘Arabesque‘, the first two tracks to arrive from the album.


Now, it’s been confirmed that they’ll preview the record with two shows in Amman, which will be live-streamed on YouTube. According to an official release, the band “chose Jordan for its natural beauty and historical and cultural significance”.

“We’re really excited to launch our new album in Jordan. It has always felt like the perfect place for these two special shows,” said Coldplay.

Majd Shweikeh, Jordan’s Minister of Tourism and Antiquities, said: “We are honoured that Jordan, the land of hospitality, home of Petra and the legendary Wadi Rum was chosen by Coldplay to debut their latest album.

“A hub for adventure, cultural, historical and faith-based tourism, Jordan is becoming the favourite location of international artists for music, film and festivals.”


They’ve also released a parody press conference video to mark the announcement, which can be viewed in full above.

Meanwhile, Chris Martin recently discussed how the record was inspired by ‘Game of Thrones’.

“It’s very Game of Thrones, and also I think the music we’re making right now is very earthy and there’s not much glamour to it. It’s very raw and that just felt like the nicest way of telling people,” he explained.
The band have also adopted unique methods to promote the album, having announced the LP’s tracklist via a Welsh local paper.

Coldplay also shared the official video for  ‘Orphans’  last week. The visuals see Martin and co. perform in a rotating room whilst backed by colourful imagery.