Masked Wolf links up with X Ambassadors’ Sam Harris for new single ‘Razor’s Edge’

The Sydney rapper has also announced his debut mixtape, ‘Astronomical’

Sydney rapper Masked Wolf has returned with his fourth single for the year – a rousing collab with X Ambassadors frontman Sam Harris titled ‘Razor’s Edge’ – as well the announcement of his debut mixtape.

Released today (September 3), ‘Razor’s Edge’ is an emotive tune driven by a smoky, understated guitar rhythm and atmospheric synths. Harris takes the reins on its chorus, singing: “Pillow for my head when I go to sleep / Toast to the reaper when he come for me / I’m good, walking on a razor’s edge / I’m good, living like I’m already dead.”

The track received an action-packed music video directed by Liam Kelly, Nick Kozakis and Jesse Samos Leaman. It follows the crime-centric narrative bent that Wolf kicked off in the video for ‘Gravity Glidin’, then continued in the clips for ‘Say So’ and ‘Bop’. It follows Anthony Selemidis as Tony, who’s tasked by Masked Wolf to deliver a bag of stolen money to a sketchy crime boss, leading to an explosive shootout.


Take a look at the clip for ‘Razor’s Edge’ below:

In a press release, Harris explained that ‘Razor’s Edge’ was initially an X Ambassadors track, but came to fruition during a writing session he and Wolf had over Zoom.

“[We were] working on a completely different song,” Harris said. “We finished that one up, and [Masked Wolf] said, ‘What else you got?’ We’d had the original beat [and] hook for ‘Razor’s Edge’ for a couple months, and I was dying to get someone really dope on it, so I played that one for him. He wrote verses literally in front of me right then and there. It was SO fast. Mind-blowing.”

Masked Wolf added that ‘Razor’s Edge’ has “such a unique sound – especially the chorus with the pitched up vocals. As soon as I heard it, I told Sam that it was mine and nobody else could have it. From there, the magic happened.”


‘Razor’s Edge’ comes as the fifth track to be released from Wolf’s forthcoming debut mixtape, ‘Astronomical’, following his 2019 breakout hit ‘Astronaut In The Ocean’ (which was re-released earlier this year alongside a remix featuring G-Eazy and DDG), and recent singles ‘Gravity Glidin’, ‘Say So’ and ‘Bop’.

Also announced today, the 17-track mixtape is set for release next Friday (September 10) via Teamwrk Records / ADA / Warner.

Masked Wolf’s tracklist for ‘Astronomical’ is:

1. ‘Astronomical’
2. ‘Just Names’
3. ‘Gravity Glidin’
4. ‘Razor’s Edge’ (Feat. X Ambassadors)
5. ‘Say So’
6. ‘Bop’
7. ‘Where’s Wally’
8. ‘Ain’t Gonna Change’
9. ‘Pandemonium’
10. ‘Paper Planes’
11. ‘Interstellar’
12. ‘Tightrope’ (Feat. NICOLOSI)
13. ‘Work’
14. ‘Galaxy Garden’
15. ‘Reflections’
16. ‘Thief In The Night’ (Feat. Kevin Gates)
17. ‘Astronaut in the Ocean’