New ‘Fallout 76’ hotfix stops NPCs from looting players’ weapons

The fix been applied to all worlds

Bethesda has released a new hotfix for Fallout 76 that fixes a bug where NPCs would steal a dead player’s weapons.

The strange glitch was first flagged by Fallout 76 players whose characters died and respawned to discover weapons and ammo missing from their inventories. These players later noted that NPCs who were near their characters when they died now had their weapons in hand. Moreover, killing the NPCs would not allow players to loot the same weapons back.

The fix was announced on the Bethesda forums by community manager Valseek: “We just released a hotfix for Fallout 76 to address a rare issue where NPCs could take items from a dead player under certain circumstances. We did not need to take the game offline to do this, and the hotfix has now been applied to all worlds.”


Human NPCs first arrived in Fallout 76 through the game’s massive 70GB Wastelanders update, which launched on April 14. Wastelanders also added two new quest arcs into the game, alongside a retooled campaign, new factions and fresh weapons.

In other Bethesda news, the studio recently pledged USD $1million to coronavirus relief efforts. The funds will be split among two charities, US-based nonprofit Direct Relief and UNICEF, which works with frontline responders around the world. A portion of the donation will also go towards communities across the world where Bethesda staff work and live.

The developer also previously released a patch for Doom Eternal’s multiplayer Battlemode. The update balances the game with various tweaks to respawn times, team heal and healing zones structure.

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