‘Starfield’ developer hints at players being able to explore space itself

“It is a blank canvas and a massive playground"

A member of the Starfield development team has seemingly confirmed spaceflight will be possible in the upcoming action RPG.

Despite the game having a November 11 release date, not too much is currently known about Starfield. However, in a new interview, Bethesda Game Studios’ audio director Mark Lampert has seemingly confirmed that players will be able to explore the vastness of space and not just the planets that make up Starfield.

Lampert starts by explaining how “the music is the companion to the player in the single player game,” and that in creating it, “our sense of scale had to be totally readjusted” because as well as “making a game on a planetary surface as we have done before (they now) have these very vast distances against this black, starry background” to soundtrack.


“It is a blank canvas and a massive playground – all the pieces are there for you to write your own story,” he added.

It’s previously been confirmed that there will be a persuasion mechanic drawn from The Elder Scrolls 4: Oblivion in Starfield and that it’s also inspired by “older, hardcore RPGs”.

As of right now, Starfield is coming to Game Pass in November this year as one of the big Xbox holiday releases, with fans expecting to hear more about the game in the summer.

recent profile on Bethesda‘s website focused on Starfield lead designer and writer Emil Pagliarulo also gave us more of an insight into the upcoming RPG. In the profile, Pagliarulo said that “it’s been so awe-inspiring watching Starfield morph into this amazing game, little by little, and with us covering so much new ground.” He also said that he believes “players are going to lose their minds” when they finally get to play the game.


In other news, fans of MuseParamoreTaylor Swift and Waterparks have created band-specific versions of Heardle. Earlier this month, a Sonic The Hedgehog version of the guessing game was unveiled, pulling music from across Sonic’s 31-year legacy. 

Earlier this week, one developer also launched a video game soundtrack version called Videogame Heardle.

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